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About Bolter Sock Manufactory

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Traditional manufacturing & best materials

The two Bentley knitting machines, which are over 40 years old, are used exclusively to produce socks from the finest merino wool. A pure natural product from a renewable resource that does not scratch and can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in liquid.

Bolter also combines these merino wool socks with copper in some models – with exceptional properties. In total, more than 13 manual operations are necessary for the production of merino socks.

Handmade in Vorarlberg/Austria in a family business

This is the Bolter Sock Manufacture

We uphold values that are good for us deep down. And you can feel that every time you put on our socks.

Alexander Bolter
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At Bolter Socks in Koblach, Vorarlberg, wool socks of unique quality and durability are made with a lot of handwork and traditional knitting machines from high-quality merino wool and pure copper threads, which can hardly be found elsewhere.

More info about the production

Sustainability & Environment

Worldwide unique!

Copper socks - An invention of Bolter

As early as 1987, Kurt Bolter was granted a utility model (G8712994.9) by the German Patent Office for socks with integrated copper threads, which have antistatic, warming and germ-inhibiting properties and are also said to be good against rheumatism.

These copper socks are still produced by Bolter on the same machines as at that time, since manufacturers with modern machines would hardly be able to cope with the copper threads, which are very special to process.

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