Handmade in the last sock manufactory in Austria

Merino wool anti slip socks for adults

The non-slip merino wool socks with ABS studs for men and women from Bolter Sockenmanufaktur in Austria are a non-slip alternative to slippers.

The wool socks made of OEKO-TEX certified merino wool keep your feet pleasantly dry and warm and also provide a secure grip. Thanks to merino plush soles, they also have a shock-absorbing effect and are very good at regulating moisture.

For year-round use, we recommend our “Merino Socks Home” with 82% merino wool content. For those who like it warmer especially in winter, the “Copper Socks Home” are perfect. Knitted-in threads made of 100% copper have a warming, circulation-enhancing and antibacterial effect at the same time.

The anti-slip socks made of merino wool with copper are available in black and blue, the classic merino home socks with anti-slip nubs are available in gray.

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Copper socks Home

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Merino socks Home

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Copper ski sock made from merino wool with light padding

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