Handmade in the last sock manufactory in Austria

The best for your health in merino wool with copper


People have been working with the fascinating precious metal copper for thousands of years. We process this valuable material in wafer-thin threads into colourful feel-good products. We are not the only ones to have recognised the advantages of this material; there are many other peoples all over the world who share our enthusiasm for copper. The soft precious metal, which conducts heat and has anti-inflammatory properties, not only works, but also shines elegantly out of the wool.

Copper is considered one of the most vital trace elements in the human body. In the medical-alchemical world, it is considered the metal of Venus, so copper is said to have a positive influence on our veins. The wafer-thin copper threads ground, pleasantly massage the skin and therefore ensure better blood circulation.

Athletes also enjoy our products, because the effect of the copper pleasantly warms the muscles and joints and therefore everything stays nice and supple, no matter what the temperature. As the saying goes, there is no such thing as the wrong weather, only the wrong clothing. With our copper products, sport is fun even in the cold season.


The noble merino wool is the finest wool of a sheep, this is processed by us only in 100% Ökotex certified quality and guaranteed mulesing free. The wool has the advantage that it is odour-inhibiting, breathable and absorbs sweat, so the socks function like an air conditioner for the feet. Despite all this, the material delicately pampers the skin and provides warmth in a natural way.

The combination of wafer-thin copper threads and the finest merino wool unites the valuable properties of both materials and gives you a pleasant-to-wear and functional woollen fabric that has it all.
Our knitted accessories are warm, cuddly and stylish. Feel free to turn down the heat and turn your eyes to yourself with your new favourites, because these power pieces from Bolter won’t just keep your feet warm.

The copper accessories are carefully handcrafted from high-quality materials together with the KOBRI studio.

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