How to wash merino wool correctly – Washing instructions

When washing textiles made of merino wool, you should pay attention to a few things, so that the merino socks, merino shirts or merino underwear does not shrink and the functions of the wool are preserved.

These instructions refer in particular to high-quality merino wool yarns from the Schoeller spinning mill in Hard in Vorarlberg (Austria), which are used by Bolter Sockenmanufaktur for knitting merino socks. It is possible that other, inferior yarns, do not meet these requirements.

You can wash Bolter merino socks following these instructions

  • It is best to wash the socks as little as possible, instead simply let them air out overnight. The smell test will show that it is enough to wash the socks 1-2 times a week. This minimizes the abrasion of the wool and they last a very long time
  • If it is necessary to wash the merino wool, it can be washed in the washing machine without any problems and does not require hand washing. A wool program with 30 to max. 40 degrees is perfect for this purpose
  • To minimize “fabric pilling” socks should be turned inside out before washing.
  • According to the yarn manufacturer for merino wool Schoeller, the socks can even be dried in the dryer. However, we at Bolter recommend doing this only in an emergency, or in a program that is not too warm. Too warm dryer programs could shrink the socks and even cool programs provide a lot of abrasion to the wool

What not to do when washing merino wool

  • Do not use bleach
  • Please do not iron – Is not necessary and would damage the delicate merino fibers
  • No dry cleaning! Merino wool is a natural product, dry cleaning would affect the properties of the wool
  • Merino wool is naturally soft and comfortable on the skin. Therefore, do not use fabric softener.
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