Merino copper ski socks from Bolter in TV Show (ORF)

Bolter Merino Kupfer Skisocken - Guten Morgen Österreich

On the 10th of January 2024, style expert Martina Reuter featured our copper merino ski socks on the ORF TV show “Guten Morgen Österreich” with Eva Pölzl.

Martina was enthusiastic about the circulation-promoting and warming effect of the copper socks and the fact that they give off practically no sweat odour even after a day of skiing and prevent athlete’s foot. The presenter then jokingly commented …

Eva Pölzl

“… Dear skiers, you all have to wear these socks now”
Style-Expertin Martina Reuter zeigt, wie es in den Skiräumen der Hotels oft riecht
Style expert Martina Reuter shows how it often smells in hotel ski rooms

Martina Reuter also describes her own experiences with copper socks and reports that they really do keep you warm and retain heat well.

Video: Excerpt from the TV programme Guten Morgen Österreich with Bolter Kuper Merino ski socks

Buy Bolter merino ski socks online

You can order Bolter ski socks directly from our online shop. In addition to the extra warm copper ski socks, we also have pure merino ski socks and thinner knee-high socks made from finer yarn or even with a support function and silk threads.

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