Merino socks: The best sock material for sweaty feet

You suffer from sweaty feet in your shoes and wonder what helps best against sweaty feet? Then Bolter merino socks and socks with copper fibers are probably precisely what you’ve been looking for.

There are hardly any products that can sustainably reduce sweat production on the feet without also having other health side effects. Therefore, the far better way is to deal with sweat properly, so that sweaty feet are no longer a problem and sweaty feet can be prevented.

How can merino wool socks prevent sweaty feet?

If the skin is exposed to moisture for a long time, this is not only unpleasant, but also forms bacteria that later lead to unpleasant foot odor. The best way to prevent this is to lead the moisture quickly and permanently away from the foot.

Merino wool has a significantly better liquid absorption capacity than cotton or even normal sheep’s wool as it is used in regular wool socks. Merino wool can absorb and store no less than 30% of its own volume of liquid!

Merino socks from Bolter are equipped with an extra thick merino plush sole and reinforcements in the heel and toe area, which can thereby absorb a lot of moisture and transport it away from the skin. This makes the feet feel dry for a long time.

Through the “ventilation channels” that are typical of knitting in the sock cuff, the air can also circulate and the moisture evaporate.

The natural fiber proteins in merino wool also continuously break down odor-causing bacteria.

Extra protection from foot odor with copper socks

If you still think that the positive properties of merino socks against sweaty feet are not enough, you can also try socks with copper threads and merino wool. These “copper socks” have 100% pure copper threads knitted into the wool, which further extend the functions of merino wool.

Copper has antibacterial effectsand thus kills the bacteria on the feet responsible for foot odor. As a result, foot odor can be almost completely avoided without resorting to any chemistry.

Worried that merino socks are too warm?

Merino sheep wear their wool both in summer and winter. This is because the wool is not only warming, but temperature regulating. This means that it can also keep you cool in the summer.

But for those who place particular emphasis on good air circulation and don’t like it too thick at the sock cuff, check out the Merino socks Light from Bolter. Lots of temperature regulating merino wool around the foot, but only a thin cuff.

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