When Alex makes new socks...

13 handles for each pair of Bolter socks

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While many sock producers now rely on automation, the Bolter sock factory in Koblach (Vorarlberg / Austria) still relies on manual work. The production of just one pair of socks made of merino wool requires at least 13 different hand movements.

But only with this elaborate process it is possible to produce merino socks in a unique quality and durability, as is the case with Bolter socks. In addition, there are decades of tradition, ecological materials and a lot of love and enthusiasm for the product.

And this is how it goes...

Socks from socks lover

Raw material order
Quality and color

Material selection
Wool, yarn, rubber

Adjust knitting machine
to design and size

Adjust knitting machine
to design and size

Initial sample
Test sample with quality control

Start of series production
Finally it starts!

Separation of the sock tube
into individual socks

Turning over the raw sock

Sewing the toe of the sock
Details make the difference

Turn over the sock

drawing up on heating mold
additional quality control and shaping of the sock

For shipment to you.

Give pleasure
We from Bolter are happy to accompany you with our socks on a few steps!

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