Cap Rabenschwarz


This cap is raven black and yet snuggly like a snow bunny

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51% Mohair / 49% Microfaser

This cap is raven black and yet snuggly like a snow bunny. Long mohair fibers caress the head and provide cozy warmth, even on very cold days.

Available in size L.

Handmade in Vorarlberg/Austria in a family business

This is the Bolter Sock Manufacture

We uphold values that are good for us deep down. And you can feel that every time you put on our socks.

Alexander Bolter
team bolter alex evi neu sockenmacher

At Bolter Socks in Koblach, Vorarlberg, wool socks of unique quality and durability are made with a lot of handwork and traditional knitting machines from high-quality merino wool and pure copper threads, which can hardly be found elsewhere.

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Sustainability & Environment

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