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Copper socks

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Merino wool according to OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 and mulesing-free!

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Bolter Merino Socks & Copper Socks

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Sport ankle sock made of merino wool and silk with support function

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You can feel real quality. Every day anew.

Why our merino and copper socks are so good for your well-being:

Our wool socks made of merino wool absorb up to 30% of their own weight in moisture and are much more comfortable to wear than socks made of sheep's wool thanks to the fine fibers.

In combination with the typical knit ventilation channels, reinforced toe and heel area and a fluffy merino plush sole, the climate is regulated and your feet stay dry and in a comfortable temperature range for a long time.

For even more comfort, we also offer socks without rubber. Socks with copper threads increase blood circulation and are therefore very popular among athletes and people with cold feet as well as circulation problems.

Bolter merino socks are suitable for both men and women. The difference is only in color, material and size.

kupfersocke angezogen

Hält einfach!
Dank innovativer Stricktechnik ganz ohne Gummiband

Gut durchlüftet!
Danke der stricktypischen Kanäle staut sich keine Hitze im Schuh

Für jede Belastung
Dank verstärktem Fersen- und Zehenbereich

Bequem und trocken
Die Merino-Plüsch-Sohle absorbiert Stöße und Feuchtigkeit und reguliert die Temperatur.

Kupfer bringts!
Die optionalen Kupferfäden fördern die Durchblutung. Perfekt bei immer kalten Füßen und schlechter Durchblutung – auch für Sportler!


Copper in socks? What it's good for:

Copper socks are antibacterial and promote blood circulation!

Copper socks have an antibacterial effect and promote blood circulation. In combination with merino wool they are climate regulating, absorb moisture and keep dry and warm.

With the novel technology, 100% pure copper threads are knitted with the merino wool and not just yarns covered with copper. This is unique to Bolter socks in the world!

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Handmade in Vorarlberg/Austria in a family business

This is the Bolter Sock Manufacture

We uphold values that are good for us deep down. And you can feel that every time you put on our socks.

Alexander Bolter
team bolter alex evi neu sockenmacher

At Bolter Socks in Koblach, Vorarlberg, wool socks of unique quality and durability are made with a lot of handwork and traditional knitting machines from high-quality merino wool and pure copper threads, which can hardly be found elsewhere.

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Sustainability & Environment

The sock for companies, clubs and anyone who wants it individually!

Discover the world of custom socks from Bolter Sockenmanufaktur. Whether for your company or club, we provide our high-quality socks with your logo. You can also benefit from our additional services such as individual packaging and special designs.

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